Finishing up

I’m trying to post all the pictures, I have left to end the year before I fix my site for the New Year. Then, Ill start on my second series of “What we eating?”

A topic I’ll share with you the foods we eat at home, consisting mainly of Filipino and Chamorro (Native of Guam) foods. I will be blogging a little about food we eat during the winter, cold, and some of our favorite foods all year long.

If you want to view past series of “what we eating?” Click the links below.




Spanish bread

Turon (Banana Lumpia)

Sinigang(Tamarin soup)

Pancit(Filipino noodles)

Chicken Kelaguen

And a special treat from the “Love it” – “Hate it”series

UBE ice cream

Which now is being sold at Trader Joe’s.


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