Lumpia is a type of spring roll wrapped in a thin crispy wrapper.

Lumpia is a popular dish made in the Philippines and many parts of east Asia. It is one of my favorite dishes to eat and it is also very popular at Filipino parties. Often times, it is treated as a snack or appetizer.

Picture by Debbie Garcia Barlongo

Traditionally, they’re usually served with a sweet and sour sauce or sweet chili dipping sauce. I like eating mine with a vinegar and garlic spicy sauce. The sauces be are optional and all depends on one’s palate. You may eat them as is.

Lumpia is made with different fillings and different styles. Their is pork, pork with shrimp, beef, chicken, vegetable, and my other favorite is a dessert, known as Turon (banana lumpia.) I will write an article on Turon later. It’s a delicious dessert/snack, that you need to try.

Lumpia Shanghai is usually made with pork, shrimp, Chestnut, soy sauce, carrots, garlic, green onions and thinly wrapped in crispy spring roll wrapper called, lumpia wrapper.

It’s time consuming to wrap these style of lumpia’s, because they are thinly wrapped spring rolls. You can’t roll them to thick or to thin, it needs to be rolled to the thickness of maybe the size of a quarter.

They are deep fried till golden brown and best when served hot. They’re served as a finger food, its deliciousness will leave you craving for more.


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