Turon (Banana Lumpia)

Turon is a street food in the Philippines, it’s a  Filipino dessert or snack. Its my favorite fruit dessert since my childhood days.

Turon is a dessert made with plantain bananas as the main ingredient. It is deep fried till golden brown. It’s a great dessert that everyone loves.

You can eat it as is after fried or with some ice cream. I believe P.F. Chang’s has it on their dessert menu served with coconut-pineapple ice cream. You can find them in Filipino restaurants and some Filipino stores, ready cooked.

My wife makes some when my coworkers order them. They’re not Filipino and it’s also their favorite fruit dessert. You can store it in your freezer uncooked till ready to fry.

Picture by Debbie Garcia Barlongo

It’s a simple dessert to make, it only requires three to four ingredients. All you need is plantains, brown sugar, lumpia wrapper, and the fourth optional ingredient is Langka, also known as Jackfruit.

I don’t eat Jackfruit, so I don’t add it my home-made banana lumpia’s, it takes away the banana and sweetness flavor. Many do like eating it with the Langka (jackfruit) which is the traditional way it is made. Personally, the best way to eat them are after they’re fried, because the plantain is still hot and soft inside and the lumpia wrapper is still crispy.

It has to be fried on low-med heat so the inside gets cooked without burning the wrapper outside. The brown sugar caramelizes the inner filling and that’s where the sweetness comes from, it doesn’t over power the plantain. The flavors compliment each other.


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