Sinigang (Tamarind soup)

Sinigang, is a Filipino soup dish that has a tangy sour taste. It’s my favorite Filipino soup dish that’s eaten with rice.

They’re many variations of what to use to cook the dish, which are with fish, pork, shrimp, and I personally use pork spare ribs. Also, the choice of vegetables varies. We use string beans, tomatoes, onions, kangkong (aka water spinach in english and ho choy in chinese.) We also add Tamarind soup base, green pepper for a spicy kick, and salt for added flavor.

Sinigang, is another word for “stew dish.” It’s a popular Filipino cuisine dish. I suggest you try this soup dish, I’m sure you’ll be amaze with it’s sour and savory taste. Best served with white rice.

Spare ribs sinigang

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