About me

First I would like to thank you for visiting my website.

I am a father, husband, brother, son, friend, coworker, neighbor, and most importantly a human being. I was born in the Island of Guam on Feb. 29, 1980. Yes! That makes me a Leap Year baby. My parents are both from the Philippines who then moved to Guam. After spending eighteen years of my life on Guam I left to the mainland(U.S) arriving at the west coast and now residing in New Jersey. Starting something new. I’m sharing my thoughts and stories with you all. I am not a writer nor have I done something like this before. but I hope you all enjoy your time on my blogs!

What it’s all about.

On this site there will be topics that relate to issues of everyday life of the average person. What I love and hate about places, movies, toys, games, cars, food, drinks, etc. You will also read a lot about my family and what they are into. There will be a series of short stories like Jiu Jitsu father and son. A journey my son and I take through in our Jiu Jitsu experience, Man’s best friend. A story of our pup Leander as he grows with us, and will be adding more short story series in the future. So come back soon and see what’s new on my blog.

My gains.

I am hoping to gain lots of laughs and cries. A place to vent when no one wants to listen. To free my mind from the struggles of everyday life.