Getting ready for the flight.

It was 2 days, before our flight to Hawaii and Guam and with two teenage daughter’s and two kids under 10 years old, I start wondering if this is going to be a stressful trip or will the kids be well behaved.

We are traveling to Guam, but before we do, we stop over in Hawaii and spend a full day there. We get everything we need for our trip and start packing.

We decided to be pack lite, to make things easier for us. Everyone except my wife, will carry their own backpacks with everything they need in it, while my wife had a carry on. Which made us have only one luggage to check in. It’s super hot in Guam, so I didn’t bring more than two pairs of jeans, since I decided to wear shorts most of the time.

Traveling lite was the first right step we took, being a family of six. It would make it much easier for us to get up early, freshen up, get ready, gather our bags, load it, drive down to the airport paid parking lot, and catch the shuttle to the airport. That’s the plan, let’s find out how it worked?

We get up around 3 a.m. to get already and everything seems to go well. The kids get in and out of the restroom, get dressed with no issues, we double check if our bags are complete, then off to the airport we go.

Newark Airport, Terminal C

We arrive at the park and ride around 4:40 a.m., to catch the shuttle to the airport terminal. After we get off, we check in, then head through TSA and once again no issues. We walked to our gate, sat down, and waited to be called to board the airplane.

I took some pictures of the girls sitting, while reading their books, my boy was walking around being a boy, and my wife was in line at Starbucks, getting coffee and cheese danish. Getting up early, is the second right step we took.

We were on standby, which means we only get on, if there’s available seats. That’s why we wanted to get to the airport early. It’s always good to check-in two hours before the flight. We were the first one’s there, but shortly after, the crowd arrived. Let’s hope we get on!

Waiting for the flight.

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