A little about Guam

It’s been almost twenty one years, since I’ve left the beautiful Island of Guam. A place where I was born and raised.

My family and I took a trip to Guam, a U.S. territory in Micronesia islands, in the Western Pacific. It’s a beautiful little island. Both my wife and I are born on the Island of Guam and lived their halve of our lives, our children get to see part of their heritage and experience a little of our childhood memories, rather than just hearing our stories.

Let me tell you a little about the Island of Guam…

About Guam

Guam is a seven hour flight from Hawaii, about 3 hours from the Philippines, and 3 hours 43 minutes, from Japan. From NJ to Guam it’s a 17 hour flight one way, 34 hours round trip. That’s a long flight and now you understand the main reason, it’s been 21 years, since I’ve been back home.

Picture taken from Guam maps on Google.

This Island was owned by Spain, then ceded to United States, after the Spanish-American war on Dec. 10, 1898 and then was invaded by Japan, in World War II. Also, even if the war had ended a Japanese Sergeant, hid in a cave on the south side of Guam, till 1972 and was one of the last 3 to be captured after the war in 1945. His name was, Shoichi Yokoi.

Guam’s Liberation Day, is celebrated on July 21st, the same day it was retaken back in 1944, after over two years of Japanese occupation. They have the Naval base, the Anderson Air Force base, U.S. Coast Guard and many more military branches. If you were in the military or knows someone who is, you might of heard, stopped by, or even have been stationed there.

Guam’s economy depends on tourism and the military. The currency is U.S. dollar and the main language is English, also the native language is, Chamorro and the Filipino language is used on the Island, since they are the highest Ethnic race on the Island. The total population of people reaches over 160,000 people, and it’s capital is Hagatna.

The Guam edition Quarter. Taken by me.

It’s a small island, yet a beautiful island. It’s my little paradise, I call home. Now you know a little about my home, I will share with you as much as I can on our trip back home. I’ll share with you the stories of Guam I grew up hearing and the experiences I’ve had while I lived in Guam. Hope you all enjoy!

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