On the plane to Hawaii

Our names are called, we get our tickets, and board the plane headed to Hawaii. We find our seats and start getting comfortable.

So obviously we get on, we get our bags stowed away and start looking around our seats for plugs to charge our phones, Lol! It’s a 10 hour flight and want to make sure, I can have enough power for the whole ride.


After we settle down, the plane starts reversing back towards the run way, the t.v. screen on the chairs are turned on, and they start giving safety instructions. If you’ve been on the plane, then you know it’s the usual. Where’s the exits, how to use the life jacket, the life boats, and oxygen.

After the instructions, we start looking through the movie selections, they have for the flight. It was amazing, they had Captain Marvel and almost all the recent movies, that’s out in the theaters. This will make the flight a little bit more tolerable!

Take off

Ok I’ll admit, I still get nervous during take off! No matter how many times I’ve flown, I never get used to, taking off. My kids and wife seem to not have a problem with it, but as soon as the plane leaves the ground, I freak out. Once we reached the height of 30,000 ft., I’m good.

I’m not good with heights. It’s one of my biggest fears. Maybe, because you have no control over falling, nor can you stop it.

The plane starts taking off, the wheels leave the ground, and the gravity pull makes my stomach feel wierd, but in a few seconds we’re up in the clouds. I look out the window and see the buildings looked tiny.

Sit back

I sit back and put a movie on. I put on, “Captain Marvel” as my first movie for the trip, since I haven’t seen it yet. After the movie I take a nap. We still have 7+ hrs left on this trip and my kids fall asleep. They’ve been up since 3 in the morning so they’re exhausted.

Captian Marvel, NIN shirt rocks.

After my nap, I contemplated what movie I should watch next. I started watching, “Glass” which was okay, it felt a little to slow for me at times, but it was a good movie. My favorite movie during the flight, which I also never watched was, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” What a f#@?!n movie. I can’t believe, I’ve never seen it. Leonardo Decaprio, is one of the best actors, if not the best.

Two more hours

Now it’s two hours more before landing and I haven’t had a real meal in the last 8 hrs. I had some snacks and a cheese danish from starbucks, but wanted to eat some real food.

Thinking of what to eat when we land in Hawaii? The First thing that comes to mind, is L&L Hawaiian BBQ. It’s one of our favorite fast food, for home style food. Spam masubi, chicken cutlet, Teriyaki beef, BBQ short ribs, and the Loco Moco. Can’t wait!!!

So far my kids have been well behaved and made the trip an easy one. They sat quietly, watched movies, and mostly slept during the duration of the flight. We couldn’t be happier with the way they behaved.

An hour left, they’re excited to land. Some want to eat, others want to go swimming. I had no idea, what we’ll be doing when we land, but I couldn’t wait.


Finally we touched down, but wait it ain’t over. We arrived, thirty minutes early and we didn’t have a gate to park.

Another plane was being loaded, so we had to wait another hour before we can actually get off the plane, that really sucked. I was so hungry, I just wanted to get off and eat already.

After an hour, they announce, the gate is ready for us to park. Arriving early, didn’t work to our advantage. Either way, everyone was anxious, ready to exit the plane, and feel the warm tropical weather. Finally we do!

Touchdown, Honolulu, Hawaii

This was our first time as a family to experience this short trip… Hawaii, here we come😎


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