Is America prepared?

By now you heard President Trump declared National Emergency. Are you prepared?

Now I don’t know if this is a bad thing or a good thing. I’ve started stock up on supplies needed incase we would have to bunker down for a while back since I’ve seen what was happening in China

I knew this wouldn’t only be in China, but would soon spread to other parts of the world. No country can keep all their people in. Eventually someone will want to escape and succeed. It was just a matter of time.

I bought everything I needed to last at least 3 months hopefully a little longer if it starts looking worse. Everyone around me said it wouldn’t happen but I know better to listen to them, and with having young ones I couldn’t take that chance.

Now stores here in Jersey are being wiped out. Curfews are being passed, and even worse military are now controlling an area from having people come in and out in NY. Now I ain’t one of these conspiracy theory people, but I do pay attention, and read in-between the lines, and better I can think for myself.

Meats, bread, can foods almost completely wiped out.

I tried to tell people to prepare just so when America goes crazy at least they didn’t have to. Did anyone listen? No! They laughed and made jokes but now they are slowly realizing the seriousness of the situation.

The virus is not the scary thing it’s the people. I wasn’t scared of getting the virus. I was more worried about the people when shit starts hitting the fan, and they start acting all crazy. Now it seems we have reached that point.

We got people fighting over toilet paper. People buying up all the medical supplies even more than they need leaving people in a panic, and then madness. For that reason they give the government even if only a few people have died the power to use the army and take away our rights as Americans.

With the National Emergency now in effect they are able to put us under Martial law and quarantine us for any reason they seem fit. If you think not… you are thinking single minded!

If you weren’t worried before, now is the time to freak out. My wife works in Jersey City were Thousands of people work and live, but today it was almost a ghost town. In the morning there was about 10 people on the street when I got there. Starbucks didn’t have one customer even though the days before it was always full of people.

End of work day in Jersey City almost a ghost town.

I usually film and take pictures of NYC, and when I did it was hard because people would walk in your way, cars would be driving by, and honking for you to move out of the way. This morning none of that. I could of laid in the middle of the street for a long period, and not have to worry about a car running me over.

My videos are dead silent you can hear the rain drops hitting the metal railings 10 feet away. It was a ghost town. Later around 4:30pm in the afternoon when people are getting off usually running to the train, ferry or busses. There was barely anyone coming out of the buildings. I mean there was less than a hundred or two people out walking the streets compared to the thousands on a normal day.

I flew through traffic, and got home in less than half an hour which usually takes me double that time. It’s gotten that serious. I wish this never to happen, but it has.

With it going to get worse I’m sure soon all of NY/ NJ or the tristate for that matter will start implementing Martial law due to the madness, and panic everyone is now experiencing.

This is the time to stop thinking about yourself and band together, and do what needs to be done so we are not placed in that position for the government to decide they need to think for us because we can’t do it for ourselves.

Are you prepared for what’s coming, and is it to late to stop it? Let’s hope not, but that all depends on the American people. Be safe everyone! Let’s do what’s right, and be responsible as we are the great people in the greatest nation, and we should start acting like it.


4 thoughts on “Is America prepared?

  1. Nobody is prepared and it is the same everywhere in the world.
    People would love to stay safe but the problem is that they are not used to staying home.

    Staying home? You can’t just stay home when you need something outside.


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