New additions

My daughter has two new additions of her artworks added on the Artsonia website by her school.

One is a scratch board a of a dog which her teacher says is the best she has seen of a dog, and another is an oil pastel painting. Her version of starry nights. The project for the starry night she had to make one with the image of our house. It’s pretty cool she added the tree in front of our house, and the drive way which looks exactly how our house is.

Her paintings will also be shown at her school art show which she’s super excited about. We couldn’t be more proud of her and her talent. You can support her by buying some of her artwork on keychains, mugs, shirts, etc. @ which is having a youth art month sale.

Link to her artwork on astonia website:

Click here

Her version of starry nights “My home.”
Scratch board art “Dog”

4 thoughts on “New additions

    1. We are super proud of her. She exceeds in everything and we support her 100%. Lately I’ve taken her to a few art shows just to show her if she keeps up what she does she could have one of her own. Made her meet and get advice from my friend who is an artist and teaches art here in NJ. Thank you!

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