One year after being rescued

Exactly one year ago my daughters and I decide to get a rescue dog. My daughters wanted a dog for themselves, and I wanted not just a dog, but a dog to protect them as well.

I have a family of four girls including my wife and the youngest being a boy under 10 years old. So being the only man to protect them at the moment, but spending most of my time away from home. I needed another to watch my family while I was gone and what will help me do just that? A dog!

So we go to a rescue that my co-worker voluntered at to see if my daughter’s would find a dog they would love. I didn’t want a small dog, but more of a mid-sized dog. One capable of not just barking, but also protecting if anyone would come over, and try to harm my family.

I see many small dogs which was cute, but not what I wanted. Then I see this little black dog come out of a room. A little pup not more than a few weeks old. The kids automatically was attracted to him. They wanted him from the moment they laid eyes on him. So we decide will see how the dog will be with the girls.

We were put in a room with Leander and he just enjoyed the company of my daughter’s, and he stole their hearts as well as mine in seconds. As I explained to them he is small now, but he will grow quick and they needed to decide that they are still willing to care for the dog as he grows.

They agreed, and we take him home. Now for a year he’s been spoiled and loved by everyone in the house. Even if he’s grown three times his size since we rescued him. He is still treated like the baby of the house, and he’s loving it.

We couldn’t be more happier with our choice and I’m sure he is as happy as we are. We love our rescue, and we couldn’t be more blessed. We are happy you have made our home your home.

Happy 1st Anniversary Leander


8 thoughts on “One year after being rescued

  1. Good job. Most of our dogs are rescues. I’m really glad that you spoiled him with all that love. Keep in mind that the best he can be is a watchdog. He’s too gentle now to be a guard dog. To me, that might be a good thing. 🙂

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