50th post

About 2 months ago, I started this site not knowing how it would go, here I am 50 posts in. This is the breakdown of my site and experiences, since I started blogging two months ago, on WORDPRESS!

First off, I didn’t really know what blogging was about. Secondly, I have never expressed my personally thoughts through social media, so this was something out of the norm for me. I wasn’t much of the reader type, so to sit down and start blogging, it was all new to me.

One day, I overheard someone talking about their blog and it automatically struck an interest, so I wanted to try and see how well I’ll do. The first thing I do, is signup for free on wordpress, on my cellphone, then a few weeks later, I wanted to try, one of paid plans. I no longer wanted to blog on the free subscription, I felt like my blog site was lacking character, so I’m hoping it’ll grow into something more.

As my son would say, “your a newbie!” Yes! I am. Till this day, I’m not sure, if I’m doing this right or if my blogs are catching the attention of other bloggers? I’m still learning!

Honestly, I literally just started reading, on how to blog…lmao! I’m a new blogger with 50 posts, I am still trying to figure out, what to do with the blogs? Everything I have posted, are just experimental posts, they’re just all trial and error. I’m trying to get the gist of being creative with blogging.

To the bloggers, who take the time to read my blogs, thank you! I Really appreciate you taking the time to read, what I write. Now here is A better insight about my blogs, see below…

The meaning behind the name.

Why “Love-Hate experience,” is my website name? Let me explain…

Love! My wife’s nickname is Lov, so I added an “e” to make it, “love” since my experiences, are also her experiences, I decided on half ownership, to the title. That’s where the title name “Love” comes from.

Hate! Hatred, (hate for short) is a name given to me a long time ago. It stuck with me since, back in the good old days. It’s also my gamertag, on xbox live. Now, we have the “love” and the “hate!”

Experience! My blogs will be about, my and/or our opinions, reviews, expressed feelings, and experiences together, from past, present, or future. Not made up stuff, but true and authentic insight. A view from us, to share with you.

That’s how my website’s name was established: “Love-Hate experience!”

What do I blog about?

I can’t write about being healthy or exercising, because I’m not a health nut, nor do I have a workout routine, but I do workout when I can and I don’t eat healthy, but try to. Sorry people!

I’m still browsing topics to write about. I’m not into politics and I no longer have a favorite sport that I follow, but I did love basketball when Kobe was still with the Lakers and when he left, I left to. I also was a 49er fan, when Joe Montana won his last Superbowl and when Steve Young won his. I would sometimes watch superbowl, if I liked the teams who are challenging. Other than that, I don’t watch football nor basketball like before.

I started blogging to keep my family and friends up to date with my life, since other social media platforms aren’t for writing. I often have a story to tell, so expressing my story through blogging, made sense.

It seemed more interesting, when you can say awhole lot before forgetting and not worrying about, whoever wants to read your blogs or not. It’s like a public personal journal!

It started out as a venting mechanism for me, short paragraphs about things I disliked or complained about. My blogs were catching a few viewers attention, so I started blogging more.

Mans best friend

I started blogging the same day, I adopted my dog, So the idea to tell the world of wordpress, about my pup, started. We got him for my kids, as a promise, A late christmas gift. He’s an adorable puppy and growing so fast. We fell in love him the day we met him. He brings joy to our family and has been a treat having him around. He’s the new baby in our family.

Love it – Hate it

The “review” section of my blogs! Since my site is called, Love-Hate Experience, It made sense to share my love and hate reasons. It’s basically my personal experiences with a non-specific category or item. It can be anything like food or music, etc…

Its my thoughts and opinions! I will try my best to share as much as I can, but nothing to deep. If you would like more of a certain topic, share your comments with me or you can personally research it yourself.

LENOVIE since 1994

For a long time, I’ve always wanted to write about my wife and I, we’ve been together for 25 years now and our love, is still strong and forever growing. It’s our “true love story!”

We had our ups and downs, but stood by each other no matter the obstacle, while raising three beautiful daughters and a handsome son. This will be blogs of my family and I, our family experiences.

Jiu Jitsu – Father and Son

The interesting moments in Jiu Jitsu! This was going to be one of the main stories on my blog, but work started getting busy, had an unexpected death in the my family, my schedule got busy with school activities, our daughter’s track, getting things ready for my mom to move-in with us, and planning for summer vaca’s, so I had to put my training on pause, till September. Unfortunately, that’s when my schedule would have more free time and when my work slows down.

My son still goes whenever I can take him, but not as much as we used to. The blogs were during the time, I was in Jiu Jitsu. For now, it’ll just be my son taking the classes. I will still continue to blog about, how I prepared him for his classes and what will or has to go through to be better. Right now, I’m training him how to do a takedown, it’s what they’re doing in his class, as a challenge. He wants his third stripe and the only way he can get it, he has to execute the moves.

Track Star

A month into blogging, my daughter makes the track team. I started talking about, how we prepared her for tryouts, her making it on the team, the progress she’s making, and how well she’s been doing. Track season is ending soon, so my blogs for my “track star” will be short.

My daugter inspires me to be better at everything I do. She rarely asks for help and always strives on everything she does, even her artwork is getting recognition. She is our “Artsy Track Star!”


My venting topic! It’s me saying something about what’s bothering me, whether it’s good or bad?

I’m not an angry person, I’m usaully smiling and/or making sarcastic jokes all day. At times, I just need to vent or say what comes to mind. Sometimes, it’s a hard topic for me, because when I vent, it’ll go on forever and some things the world isn’t ready to hear…lmao!

Story time with Lirissa

My daughter was complaining, I haven’t blogged about her. I would, if I can catch her doing, what she does. She is super funny, her answers are so sarcastic, but so true, and she just cracks us up all the time. It’s hard to catch her, she does them at the spur of the moment. I noticed she loves writing short story books and loves to reading them to me.

Some of them are actually really good, so I decided to give her an article space on my page. One day, she was bored and not feeling well, she didn’t go to school, so I told her, “go on my laptop and write a story for me to post on wordpress!” She sat there and started writing her story.

Thanks for reading, the likes, and the follows.

That is the story of how this site came to be!


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