When kids think they are slick.

Has your child ever tried to play you, thinking they’re slick or think they can fool you?

My daughter asked my wife, “can I walk home from school with my cousin?” She knows, we won’t allow her to walk home especially if it’s a far walk, but she still asked! My wife’s response is of course, “NO!”

Later, my wife and I are texting each other and she tells me, what my daughter had asked her and what her response was. This is how well we know our kids… My wife then says, “when your daughter asks you, if she can walk home say no, because that’s what I told her!” I laughed when she said that to me, I’m always the one to give in to my kids request, but not this time.

After work, I pick up my daughter and her cousin from track practice and I didn’t bring it up, because I was waiting for her to ask first. First half of the car ride, nothing! Then, here it comes… she asked, “can I walk home with her, tomorrow?”

I said, “no” and replied, “didn’t your mom already tell you, no?” She replies, “yes!” I then say, “why are you asking me then?” She says, “I was just testing you.” She tried to play me, not testing, lol! Damn kids, they think we have never tried that when we we’re young.


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