@ the away game

Today, my daughter had an away game against River Dell, it was the hottest and sunniest day yet. I wondered how well she would handle being at an away meet than a home meet. We arrived late, but just in time for her race.

I tried to give her advice in the morning since she was going to an away game, but she was busy getting ready and I had to leave for work, so I texted her, to do a little warm up while she waited for her race to get her adrenaline pumping. It’s the best advice at that moment that came to mind.

When we arrived, she looked a little nervous standing by herself on the field at first, but when it came time for the race, she was ready! She did prepare the night before, working on the exercise bike and timing herself on how long it takes for her to run 800 meters, so I couldn’t wait to see how she would do. She lined up with the rest of the runners and once again, she was the shortest amongst the bunch, but very confident.

She started the race, was almost at last place for the first lap, but quickly caught up and passed a few runners. During her run, as I was watching her on this race, I honestly think she did a superb job, compared to the other meets. Once again, she started building her endurance, then controlled a steady pace for most of the race, but this time during the last 100 meters, she gave it her all. She had a strong finish! Overall Superb job with a thumbs up on effort.

See her push to the finish in the video below.

“Superb job!”

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