Maximum Effort

Yesterday, was my daughter’s 3rd track meet. Her first 800 meter race and this time she did better. She ran a good race.

With the 1600 meter races, she would lose strength in her legs, by the end of the third lap, the strides length would become shorter as the fatigue started kicking in, but with this race she started strong and got up in front of a few people, she kept a steady pace reserving strength in her legs to pass a few more people during the last lap, and finished strong.

Better choice

Running the 800 meter race was a better choice for her, she looked more competitive, compared to looking like she’s trying to keep up. Maybe when she has more time put in and builds strength and endurance, she can run longer distances and think about the 1600 meters again, but for now this distance looks promising for her.

Since the first meet, I’ve noticed not only has she improved, but the whole team as well. They are giving everything they’ve got and stepping up to the competition. Each race is always a close one and I believe our team won majority of the races. They’re having more confidence in their speed and giving alot of heart on the track. Kudos to the Clifton track team for Maximum Effort!

Thanks for reading!

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