“Shaded Ribbons” by Ashlyn

My daughter has a passion for drawing and wants to be artist amongst other things, surprising enough she gets a piece published.

“Shaded Ribbons” by Ashlyn

We received an email from my daughters school saying, “we would like your permission for your daughters artwork to be displayed on our online art website?” They also state, “with your permission, her artwork can also be bought through keepsake products online, some proceeds will go to her school’s art department. I was so impressed and proud all at once.

How cool is that?

I mean, “how cool is that?” She’s only in sixth grade and her talent is being recognized. She puts alot of time and dedication in everything she does. She is super talented and self-motivated.

When I go down the basement (no longer my man cave) her art materials are placed everywhere. I see her down there at times, beacuse she likes to be alone drawing or painting. I haven’t seen her artwork when she’s down there, so I was surprised with her art at school.

I am amazed.

I knew she has been drawing and painting almost frequently and I was at awe with her artwork. I am amazed how good her drawings are, it just keeps getting better. My wife and I aren’t good in drawing, so her to draw and be good at it, that is a blessing.

I hope she continues to be self-motivated and determined. It will help her succeed in life. There is no better feeling knowing that she recognizes her talent and is using it to the fullest.

Love Art?

If you love art and would like to see the school art gallery and visit the schools gift shop, click on link below.

Show some support and pick up something at the gift shop. 20% of the proceeds goes to the schools art program and none go to her. Thanks for reading.


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