Coming back & Wedding

Hello everyone! First, I would like to thank you for continuing to read my blogs and viewing my website. Its been awhile since I’ve written a blog. Lately, I’ve just been posting quotes or photos.

I’ve been busy with work, and with Fall season arriving, weather changing, and so has my allergies. I haven’t been going out or doing much, hence the reason, I haven’t written much.

My family and I, attended my sister-in-laws wedding last weekend and we were part of their entourage. I was a groomsman, my wife was a bridesmaid, my daughter’s were the flower girls, and my son was the ring bearer. It was a busy couple of weeks; from getting fitted, getting our outfits, buying our shoes, helping with preparations, and spending time with family. The wedding was a blast!

It has been a busy month or two, but I will be writing again soon on events near me, and things my family and I will be doing this Fall. For now, here are a few pictures of the Wedding we attended.

My oldest and I
My wife with my 3 girls and my boy
The bride and groom with their god parents.
My son and I
Wifey and I
The fams
The newlyweds

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Medina


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