3rd Track meet

So my daughter has gone through 2 track meets and has ran the 1600 meter races.

She wasn’t prepearing and practicing for the 1600 meter races, she taught she was going to run the 50, 100, or 150 meter races, but that hasn’t been the case.

1600 meters

She ran two 1600 meter races and it hasn’t been good. She wasn’t last place nor top 3. The second race, she was first place in the 1600 meters for girls and I’ll explain why?

The first meet was all girls, then the second meet, she ran against all boys. She wasn’t prepared for that, the coach thinks she has potential running that distance, but she wasn’t interested in doing so. She was the only girl running during the second meet for 1600 meters, so automatically gets first place.

Speaking with the coach

My wife speaks with the coach, notifying her that our daughter is struggling with the 1600 meter race and she prefers to run shorter distances, where she can excel better.

800 meters

So the coach will let her run the 800 meter race, which we hope will be better for her. She can atleast have some push towards the end of the race.

The next meet is Thursday, depending on the weather, the forecast calls for rain and thunder, so the meet might be rescheduled. We can’t wait to see how well she does with the 800 meter race.


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