Wedding Anniversary

A couple of days ago, I talked about LENOVIE’s, 25th Anniversary! It’s been 25 great years, we’ve been together!

Out of those 25 years, we have only been married for 7 of those years. We wanted to get married on the 12th day, of the same month, we started our relationship, but we couldn’t unless we waited another year. So we decided, to get married on the 18th of May, in New Jersey.

It wasn’t any big wedding actual we just got married in court. i mean we didn’thave money to get everyone over for a big one. My family was in Cali and didn’t want to trouble them with there busy lives and then there is the family back home in Guam. Do you know how much it would cost for them to come to a wedding all the way in New Jersey.? Too much. Also my wife was pregnant with our fourth child so money was really a big issue.

So we went with the most logical scenerio for our wedding. My bank account was sure happy we went that way.

I was never into big weddings, actually I was never into getting married. I just seen alot of them go bad and end even worse. For some reason and don’t quote me on this. Couples are happy when they are not married but after they do get married they seem to change a bit.

Theres just something about getting married that changes couples forever. Sometimes for good but not always the case. It seems like marraige is does something to them.

Marraige to me is overrated and if you watch married with children then you get a little insight what its like after marraige…lmao!

As for my marraige its good it didnt change much of what we already are but it makes her happy and thats all that matters. ” Happy wife, Happy life!”

❤️”Happy Anniversary!”❤️

Lenovie since 1994

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