I’m gaining my weight back.

Last year, my weight reached 200lbs, it’s the heaviest, I’ve ever been. Back in high school, I was only 115-120lbs the most. (Sorry I had to pause and laugh, I was tiny.)

I started working out to turn the weight I gained into muscle, but muscle also made me heavier and stiff which I didn’t like, so I started Jiu Jitsu to try and get back into shape. After a few months of class, I got down to 170lbs. That’s 30lbs I lost in a few months just by doing jiu jitsu. Well also some cardio and light lifting, but that was motivated mostly by jiu jitsu.

A bad idea

I stopped going to class when my contract was over. Since then I haven’t done anything to keep the weight off, and what a bad idea that has been.

I’m not to far off, but my weight is climbing, and before it gets any higher I need to do something quick. Losing weight is something I’ve actually had very little trouble with in the pass but when your age starts climbing so does the weight, and quicker. I can loose the weight I want working out that isn’t problem for me, I just skip a meal, workout, do drills, cardio, and that seems to work out for me.

Lacking motivation

What I lack is motivation, going to Jiu Jitsu helped me out alot, now that I haven’t been training, it’s been a little harder motivating myself to exercise. I need to focus my mind, before I start working out again, and it isn’t easy.

I’ve been sitting on the couch, watching Game of Thrones, which I started back from the pass sessons before this season started, then catchimg up on movies most of the night. At the same time i’m stuffing my face with all types of food, mostly junk.

Now I have decided to loose some of my weight, mostly on my belly. It always starts at the belly. As I got older that has been where the weight starts showing. It isn’t a pretty site. I don’t like seeing my belly hanging of my pants…LMAO! Get the picture?

I need to do sit-ups, some cycling and drill till I’m dripping sweat on the mats. It should be easier to burn off some calories since the weather is getting hotter. I will be doing all my drills with full Gi on. The Gi’s are heavy, thick, and get really hot, that should help me sweat more. You’ll be surprised, how much you burn when your wearing a Gi.

Whatever helps, is always a good way to go. I’m no expert, but if it makes you sweat, then it’s burning, and if it’s burn , then your losing fat. That’s my theory!

I have a pair of dumb bells, a stationary bike, punching bag and my drill patrtner Jacked(jiu jitsu dummy). Working out with those helps, but I also need to cut down, and portion my food as well. I also, need to stop eating bowls of cereal at night, lol!

Bad eating habits

I have bad eating habits, but I eat healthy as much as I can. I love food too much, to stop eating, what I love. Sorry folks, cutting out food I love, is a no,no! I want to enjoy life eating what I love.

I’ve been able to loose weight easily no matter what I eat, but what I eat, is what brings it back. Even when it does, it’s something I make sure I can control.

Once your wife says you gained some weight she’s looking at your belly, and that’s your cue to start working out, and get everything slimmed down and tight. I don’t workout to have massive muscles, not even to get a six pack, I do it only to burn out the fat, I don’t want to carry around. So working out is sorta seasonal for me, and I need some advice.


If anyone has workout tips, on how to loose belly fat, please share or send me a link. I know alot of you do workout routines on your blogs and I’m always open to suggestions and would love to hear them. Thank you, for reading and hopefully, I get some feedback from some of you!


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