The Birthday girl

26 years ago, on the beautiful island of GUAM, boy meets girl! Till this day, they share a lifetime of memories. Their story of Love, Laughs, Hate, Cries, Friendship, and Family begins. This is not a Fairy Tale or a made up love story. This is a story about us!

Back in October of 93′ a couple of friends and I go to a village called Kaiser, for a birthday party. Since it was the same village my grandmother lived, I knew the area very well. I’ve spent my childhood years there so I didn’t mind coming along, since I could walk to my grandmother’s house and spend a night. 

As we approach the party, my friends stayed across the street. Not understanding why they stopped I asked, “aren’t we going in!?” Later I found out it was my friends, girlfriend’s party and they weren’t really invited. Not knowing who the people we’re at the party, I decided to leave and go to grandmother’s house, but before I wanted to leave, cars started pulling up, and I recognized my cousins car. I guess the birthday girl was someone my cousin knew? So I walked over to talk to my cousin and asked, “can I hang with you?” He replied, “that’s cool!” So I called my friends over, but only one followed, and I said to him, “I’m going to get me some food and then leave!”

Walking back into the party, I walk over to the tables of food, but got a little embarrassed to get any, so I walked over to the bar with my friend and tried to get a beer, but was rejected; because I was under age. Ending up with only a soda, I start talking to the birthday girl and her cousin, but I actually don’t remember what we really talked about; it had to be, all nonsense. While talking to the birthday girl, I’m thinking, “Damn…She’s cute!” but she was my friends, girlfriend so I left it at that. As soon as we finished talking, I went to my friends and we decided to leave the party.

Fast forward a couple of months later, I go to another party at MogFog! Within 10 minutes of my arrival, a riot breaks out, fights started, I see people getting tossed around the yard, people standing on top of cars while slamming a person on the windshield, and then I hear cop sirens approaching, and we all run to my friends house! It starts to get crowded in the garage so we decided to climb the roof. A few seconds later, the girl from the party comes climbing up to the roof, it was in slow motion like the movies. I remember how her hair covered half her face, the stripe shirt, and the baggy pants she wore. I remember her coming up the roof with her cousin and aunt. During that moment, I wasn’t sure if it was the birthday girl from before, but I knew I had to find a way to talk to her. I asked my friend who she was and he replied,”My niece!” I asked him to introduce me, but he said, “her dad is strict!” and he left it at that. I wanted to ask more questions, but got distracted by the sirens approaching. I couldn’t stop looking over, and badly wanted to talk to her! 

Fast forward a couple more months later, and again by fate, we run into each other again, this time at my friends store in Kaiser, where my friends and I would meet up after school to hangout before we go skateboarding. Suddenly, she comes out of the car still in her private school uniform and walks into the store. I couldn’t stop staring, I was love struck! She was only there for a few minutes and she’s gone with the wind. Since the time I’ve seen her on the roof, all I thought about was her. I knew eventually I’ll get my chance. When will we meet again? That question lingered in my mind till I finally got her number.

For months, I bugged and begged my friend for her number and his response was always, “her dad’s strict!” Me being me, I said, “I don’t care, I really just want to talk to her!” Then, one day after me asking, he tells me a story about her dad not allowing her to talk to boys, and said, “she had a boyfriend before!” When I found out who he was? It hit me… The birthday girl! What are the odds? From meeting her from my friend, then my cousin, then her uncle, who became a very good friend, it had to be fate leading me to her. I really had to get her number now, so I begged him till I did, and I finally got it. Once I got her number, I couldn’t wait to get to a phone and call her, but I didn’t know what to say. I dialed her number and she picks up. Nervously I say Hello!…

To be continued…

This is dedicated to my close friend and wife’s uncle

In memory of

Jherel Sy

Thank you! for giving me the chance to meet the Love of my life. Without you this could not have been possible. You are forever my “Best man!”




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