He gets his third stripe!

I’ve been busy with work, my daughter’s track, and other personal stuff, which put my Jiu Jitsu on hold. At the same time, I’ve neglected my son’s classes, but not on purpose.

He’s been trying to earn his third stripe, but was prolonged for lack of attendance. I felt bad, because he really wanted that stripe, he constantly complained to me about it.

Work slowed down

So work slowed down a little, but still had my daughter’s track meet, which sometimes was on the same day and time as my son’s classes. He had to miss those days, I’ve been taking him when I can. It was hard for him to get back and do the moves effectively, after missing so much classes.

Work slowing down, I’m able to take him to class, at least twice a week for the next few weeks. During Thursday’s class, we go in, he does the warm ups, and it seems like he’s not back, a 100 percent on excuting the drills.

Not good but not bad

Not good but not bad either, on the drills. He needs to spend more time drilling and practicing than playing video games. He would excute the moves more better, if he wasn’t afraid he was doing it wrong.

He knows the drills! We practice them at home, but once he’s at class, he gets a little nervous, and forgets it. It’s more like, lack of confidence on knowing the drills, and it’s holding him back which I always point out to him.

Class continues, and they challenged the takedown. During his turn, he tried really hard, but got taken down. He gave it his best, but the other kid was a little more experienced, than he is. Overall not a bad try!

“I’m so happy!”

After class, they line up, bow, and before they get ready to leave, the instructor announces, “he’s giving a stripe out.” He then, calls out my son’s name. We were both surprised! After he gets his stripe taped to his belt he comes running off the mat, screaming, “I’m so happy dad!” Later we both talked about, how he needs more practice and has to attend class consistently, before he can accept another stripe.

I was happy for him, because he wanted that stripe. I think, he deserved it, for being presistant in trying to earn it. We will practice and get him back into executing his moves at a higher level. Congrats to my boy, for staying motivated and reaching higher than the stars.

Photo taken by me

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