Guam Pride and how we represent.

I posted a picture of my Guam car decal and asked others to show me there decal picture, on a group from Facebook and the overwhelming response proved, how much Guam people represent where they’re from and its culture.

People from different parts of the United States, started responding back with their decal pictures on their vehicles. I personally don’t know them, but know they are from Guam. It amazed me to see a lot of people from different states like, Washington, California, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, and so many more states that was willing to share their decal pictures with me.

Here are a few I selected to share with you.

Picture by Eli
Picture by Freddy

Some show it at work.

Talking to more people about Guam and how they show pride, I found out something interesting from a truck driver from South Carolina, who is also from Guam and has a truck driver group called, “Chamorro Truckers!” A group of about 130+ truckers who has Guam decals on there 18 wheeler trucks, as they travel the roads of America

That is awesome! What a great way to represent Guam, no matter where they currently reside. I also, love to talk about Guam at work, because a lot of people haven’t heard about Guam or where it’s located, unless they are or were in the military.

One of the most annoying question I’m mostly asked is, “what do you speak in your country?” Lmao! My response always is, “my country is America and we speak English!” Guam is a U.S. territory.

Here is a link if you want more info on the Chamorro truckers and how you can join them:

Picture by Juan Chris

Some show it with Home Decor

I also met another person, who’s house is decorated with Guam logo’s, seals on flower pots, candle holders, and my favorite, the wine bottle holders. Most are made out of Ifit wood (Scientific name Intsia bijuga). This is some of his decor he has displayed in his home.

Ifit wood is from a tree grown on Guam, and several other areas from Vietnam to Australia. I also have heard of people saying, “the items they bought are made from a man known as the “Master Carver.”

I happened to take a picture of his booth, when I visited Guam in May. It was the only booth that really caught my eye. The artwork carvings were amazing.

I didn’t know at the time who he was, but through the people’s response of my picture, they told me who he was. I started researching him and found out, he’s been hand carving for over 50 years. He’s well known for what he does, he made a table, bar, and wooden clocks for people who has brought the items with them to the States.

That just shows how amazing his work is, as well as the quality of the Ifit wood. If I only knew sooner, I would have bought something from his booth, when I was in Guam.

Robert Taitano (Master Carver)

Some show it with food.

Then there’s the food! My favorite foods we cook alot at home and for parties are, Chicken Kelaguen, Red Rice, Chamorro Empanadas, Bunelos Donuts, Kadon Pika, and island style BBQ, to name a few.

When our guests arrive at our parties the food disappears from the table, especially the Chicken Kelaguen. Chicken Kelaguen is bbq chicken shredded and chopped into tiny pieces then mixed with coconut, lemon, and scallions. Traditionally it is made spicy with small red hot peppers (optional if you don’t like it spicy.)

Chicken Kelaguen, picture by Pat Molinos

We love to have new friends or guests try our food, and its always the same result. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like the food from Guam that we bring to the table.

We love the island we come from and we take great pride and love to bring that experience to the world. This is my way of informing and sharing with you a little about Guam. Thanks for reading!

Special thanks to:Pat Molinos, Orlando Techaira, Charmaine Perez, Jaun Chris and the Chamorro Truckers @ Transport America, Felipe, Freddy, and Eli for providing pictures and info used on this post. Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Guam Pride and how we represent.

  1. The Chamorro Truckers have 130+ members. We mentor & assist our people in the trucking industry. From getting their license to training, job placement & real-time mentoring we do it all. Juan Chris Santos is amongst our founding members but we do more than represent a sticker (no offense)

    I would be glad but even more, I would be honored to get the word out to our people about the help that we give especially since we profit nor charge anything for it.

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