Man’s best friend – Ep. 2


Leander has been with us 16 days now since we adopted him. He was shy the first day we brought him home, but now he is testing everyone, and trying to figure out who is boss in our house. He is a quick learner! With the kids, he gets excited around them and goes bananas. He’s full of energy for a puppy. When he gets to play with the kids he turns into a “Mad Dog!”

He jumps on them and has a habit of nipping at them, but not hard, and when he nibbles the kids get scared and I have to step in, and stop him. Most of the time he listens, but there are times I have to get up and calm him down. He always nibbles on my hand especially when he wants attention, but does it so soft that it tickles my hand. It still scares the kids so I’m teaching him to nibble less around the kids so they can play more together.

We are still training him to be housebroken. We want him to walk around freely so we don’t have to worry about any accidents, so he’d know where his designated potty areas are. He gets super excited around the kids, so he kind of goes anywhere, and we end up having to run and take him to the area he needs to potty at. If you have any tips on speeding the nipping, and potty process up…”Please share!”

Other than those two issues we are having a blast with Leander giving him lots of love and getting lots of love back. In the morning he knows I’m getting up when the alarm goes off and he cries for me to play with him. As I walk by I see from the corner of my eye him sitting there just staring at me. I try to ignore him until i’m ready for work, but I can’t resist, I have to play with him.

I was told everytime I pull in the driveway he knows it’s me and he patiently sits as I enter the house for me to see him. If I don’t give him immediate attention, he cries out for me. He loves it when I give him attention or just a treat. I’m sure it’s the attention! When I play with him I also teach him to sit, stay, lay down, and come when prompted. He learned the four commands fast, and has not once disobeyed any of the commands. We are still working on a few more commands (i.e…off, wait, watch me, and heel.)

We take him out daily not only to potty but also to stretch his legs, get some fresh air, and play time. He seems to be afriad to walk out the front door which I’m still trying to understand, but once outside he walks straight to the backyard, where he has alot of toys for him to play with.

The kids come out and play with him everytime he goes out. They have Leander chase them around the back yard and he enjoys it. He is very energetic and with the car sounds and people walking around, I am surprised he’s well behaved and does not chase or barks. The kids give him tons of attention and they enjoy playing with him a lot.

When it’s time to go back in, he kind of hesitates to leave the back yard, when he walks straight to the front yard and goes up the stairs, he calmly waits for us to open the door even without his leash. He is such a good puppy.

He has grown in the 16 days since we brought him home, he is adapting well, and getting more comfortable being around us. We all acknowledge him and love spending time with him. He is our baby and Man’s… Sorry! our best friend. We are happy he is part of our family and we couldn’t be happier.

“Welcome home Leander!”


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