Call Of Duty Mobile

I finally played C.O.D mobile after downloading it on my phone a week ago.

At first, I was hesitant to play this game wondering how the game would compare to the console version of C.O.D, but after playing it for an hour all I have to say is “Good job Activision!”

This mobile game plays great, looks amazing, and feels just like any C.O.D game out there. You unlock guns, attachments, skins, perks and much more which makes you want to level up just like you do in the console versions.

Don’t get me wrong, its not the console version, but it is just as fun. If I play a mobile game for more than half an hour it’s a good game. If I’m on it for more than an hour then it’s a great game. My son and I was on it for about 3hrs and we still wanted to play more.

I’m not much of a mobile gamer, I still like the feel of a joystick on my thumbs instead of a make believe one. This game almost makes you forget it’s a mobile game.

With this game, I really enjoy the depth it gives. It really resembles the console version. It had my son and I, fighting over my phone and running to each other, showing each other what we have unlocked.

The maps looks great and it has some of the most famous and fun C.O.D maps. It gives you 5 vs. 5 team death match, along with the pubg/Fortnite battle royal gameplay, along with the zombie mode which is one of my favorite game modes in C.O.D. On the mobile version my son and I, have been playing the team deathmatch mostly thus far.

Overall my son and I, love it more than we hate it. It is a fun, free, great C.O.D game that lives up to it’s name, and keeps you coming back for more. Kudos Activision!


7 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Mobile

  1. David is trying to talk me into a Oculus game system. We are thinking about it, but it is $$$, and we do have a big store credit from a refrigerator ordering mistake, so it would cover 2/3 of the price, but hmmmm…. still thinking about it.

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