Two Lovers Point

Back in my teenager years while hanging out with friends in Guam, we used to go to a place called, “Two Lovers Point!” It’s a cliff with a view of endless ocean.

It’s a place known for true love. It has great views of Tumon Bay and the ocean. A historic legend to the people of Guam. Let me tell you the story of Two Lover’s Point..

The Legand of Two Lovers Point.


When Spain ruled Guam, A proud family lived in Agana(Hagatna), the capital city, the father was a wealthy Spanish aristocrat and the mother was Chamorro, whose father was a great chief. they owned land and were held in high esteem by all, Chamorro and Spanish alike. However, the reason for their great pride and dignity was their beautiful daughter. She was honest and modest, her charm was so natural that her beauty impressed everyone around her.

One day a powerful, arrogant Spanish captain came to ask her father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The proud father decided that the captain would be his daughters husband. When the girl discovered this, she was disillusioned that she ran from the house and wondered along the shore where the sea soothed her with silence and peace.

While walking along the shore, she met a young, gentle strongly-built and handsome Chamorro man from a very modest Chamorro family. He was lost in his own solitary thoughts, his gentle eyes seeming to study the lonely stars and to seek some meaning to his life. They will fall in love, sharing their thoughts and desires. when the father of the girl learned about the two lovers, he became very angry and demanded that she marry the powerful Spanish captain. That day, at sundown, she stole out of the house to meet the Chamorro boy who loved her. she joined him near the high point where they had first met and watched the stars appear.

When the father discovered that his daughter was gone, he told the captain that his daughter had been kidnapped by the Chamorro boy who loved her. The father, the captain, and all the Spanish soldiers pursued the lovers up to the high cliff above Tumon Bay. The horseman slowed down their pace as they neared the high point peak because they saw that the lovers were trapped. The lovers knew there was one thing left for them to do. The boy shouted a warning for the men to stay back, and the father signaled the men to halt and to watch. The couple stood at the very edge of the cliff. The boy and the girl took long strands of their hair and tied these together into a rope-like knot. The two acted as if they were absolutely alone. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes and kissed one last time. In that instant, the young couple leaped off the long, deep cliff into the roaring waves below.

When the father looked down over the edge, all he saw was the floating hair of the two lovers. Too late, the father understood the meaning of their hair tied together. Since that day, the Chamorros look to the jutting peak by Tumon Bay with reverence. That they pay respect to the young couple who showed them that real love comes from the entwining of two souls, true to one another in life and in death. And, forever after, the high point on the cliff has been known as “Two Lovers Point.”

You’ll find this story very popular among the people of Guam and those who have visited the island of Guam. When I used to go there it was all jungle with only a ruin like platform. Now it’s a famous sigthseeing destination for tourists and locals. If you ever go to Guam, visit Two Lover’s Point. Some say, “when you look down you see the image of the girl’s face shaping the shore line.”

They also have a wall of padlocked heart shaped foam with couples names that have visited the site. If you ever visit Guam, leave a heart on the wall like many who are in love. It’s a Guam version of Romeo and Juliet.

all pictures taken by me.


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