Last Day!

Today was my last day of work. I’ve been searching for a new company where I can advance. The place I was in there was no room for advancements.

I went on a search just to see if there were better opportunities and see if they we’re willing to take me in, and I found one within the first day of searching.

So I get a call immediately was asked to come for an interview. I accepted and went. This company had locations from Mexico all the way up to Canada.

They were looking for people who were willing to learn and advance quickly and I was looking for a company that would give just that.

It was a perfect fit and they also thought the same. After going to the interview I get a call back and they offered me the job and I accepted. Not did they only offer me the job, they also offered more money than I asked. Not a big amount, but big enough I couldn’t refuse.

I gave my notice resigned and will be taking a week off before starting my new job. Good bye old job.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

 —Abraham Lincoln


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