Another Virginia road trip??

Here I am listening to my wife and her sister’s talk about going to Virginia to celebrate a baby’s birthday.

As their talking about it, I’m deciding if we should go or not! It does sound like fun going back to Virginia Beach again before summer ends, to enjoy the beach. The last time we went was during Spring Break, it was still kind of cold, windy, and chilly during that time. We only walked around the boardwalk and couldn’t enjoy the water.

There’s a Go Kart place, we didn’t get to visit, so I would like to finally go and experience their super fast Go karts. But, then there’s the long 6 hour drive that is kind of stopping me from going, wait let’s rephrase that…a 12 hour round trip drive.

My family and I love long drives, but to do that long of a drive for a 3 day trip, is not what I’m looking forward to. Then again there’s the Go Karts😁…

I have the whole week to decide with so many things to do…work on my brakes, kid’s back to school shopping, finishing up my busy week at work training the new guy, who is deciding that the job is not for him. Depending on how the week goes, we might not go, but again there’s the Go Karts…

My wife and I, would like to revisit the Colonial Town and sightsee through the historic district and experience the history of the colonial times, so it’s going to be a tough decision. I’m 50/50 right now, so I’ll be comparing the pros and cons of taking the trip. As of right now, the pros are the Go Karts, it’s kind of winning.


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