Beef Nilaga

Beef Nilaga

This is an all-in-one meal in a pot dish. A nourishing slow cooked Filipino Beef and Vegetable Soup. Great for cold weather.

The secret to this soup is mainly the broth.  It contains meat and vegetables all cooked together in one delicious broth to make a delicious soup, and best served hot.


Throw in some onions, beef brisket, carrots (optional, carrots adds vitamin A), potatoes, pepper corns, Bak choy or cabbage into boiling water and you get a flavorful beefy soup. Just writing about it makes my mouth is water.

Best served steaming hot.

Of course being Filipino this soup is thrown on a plate of steamy white rice. Drowning the rice with its beefy tasting soup. Ever bite is filled with a hot steamy, beefy and vegetable sensation that’s gauranted to warm you up on the coldest day.

Its a traditional soup made in every Filipinos home. A dish hard to pass up. A great comfort dish you’ll sure to enjoy. To those who are learning how to cook this dish takes almost no effort at all to prepare just patience.

Cooking time takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes, but you’ll end up with hot savory deliciousness.


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