I got 3 days to get ready to survive my first class back into Jiu Jitsu, this Wednesday.

Picture taken by me

It’s been a few months since I haven’t gone to class, if you’ve done Jiu Jitsu before, then stopped for even a week, comeback, then you know how hard it is. It will feel like you stopped for years.

I took a long break so I’m nervous going back. Thoughts running through my mind, will I be slow, too heavy, can I still roll, or will I suck? Before I stopped, I was in the best shape I’ve been in awhile and my skills advanced pretty quickly.

I was on a good win-lose ratio before I took a break from Jiu Jitsu. I’m not sure if I can improve my odds, at least not in the shape I’m in right now. I’m hoping it won’t take long to get back into the level I was in. I need to start preparing myself in the next 3 days.

I’ll start with cardio I think, or work on my legs and breathing. I’ll also go on a hike, swim, cycle, and work on my punching bag. That’s my goal this week!


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