Morning drive

Awww! Woke up this morning to sound of raindrops. Such a beautiful sound. Got out of bed to get ready for work. After opening the door to dark skies and rain.

Couldn’t ask for a better morning since later today we are reaching 84 degrees by late afternoon, but cloudy which will hopefully keep it cool, hopefully!

On the way to work as soon as I hit the highway there was a crazy downpour for a good five minutes. When I say crazy it was “crazy!” Drivers had to actually stop on the Highway because the rain dropped so hard and so fast the wipers couldn’t even wipe it off fast enough.

All pictures taken by my dashcam.

After that it stayed steady till I arrived at work, but I wish it continued for the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be a hot 90 degrees. A beautiful day to jump in the pool.

Hope you guys enjoy your day, and may it be a lovely one.


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