“The Superstar”

By: Lirissa C.

On Wednesday, November 27th, Elizabeth was asleep and suddenly, she received a notification from her favorite website called, ”The lucky winner!”

It’s about people that can have a lucky chance of winning a special prize, she wanted to try it since she never won anything before.

It said, ”There will be a chance for a lucky winner to become a superstar.” “All you have to do, is text “superstar” to the phone number provided, it will also be on our website, on the sign up section.

Becoming a superstar was Elizabeth’s dream. So she instantly went to the sign up section of the website.

That morning her alarm went off, so Elizabeth ran straight into the bathroom, took a shower, and brushed her teeth. Then looked in her closet and got some ripped jeans and a black shirt with the logo, “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” her favorite show. She put her black vans on and ate breakfast.

When she was done, she got into her car and drove to her friend’s, Oliva and Valorie’s house. They called themselves, “the ove group,” because that’s the first letter of their names.

They then drove straight to there high school. All three of them, have 6 out of 8 classes together and thought they were pretty lucky to be together.

After school, they drove to Oliva’s house then to Valorie’s, so they could get all they needed for the next couple of nights, because they’re having a sleepover at Elizabeth’s house. They tried to do all their homework quickly, so they can have more time to hang out.

When it was time for bed, Elizabeth and her friend’s went to her room, it had 2 twin beds by the wall where they will be sleeping. The next day, Elizabeth and her friend’s got ready for school.

After school, Elizabeth rembered the becoming a superstar contest. She wondered if Oliva and Valorie texted, “superstar” to the number, because they also love the lucky winner website. Elizabeth asked, but they didn’t text, “superstar” to the number, because they never taught they would have a chance of winning.

The next day, Elizabeth had no school. She drove her friends home because it was the end of there sleepover. Before she dropped them off, they went to the mall and spent 2 hours there.

Later, Elizabeth got home and received a notification about the winner of the superstar contest.

It was a video and it said, “there was one person who’s the 1000th person to text “superstar” to our number, her name is, Elizabeth Cobiska.”

She’s going to be the star of a movie called, “The Lucky Winner.” It’s a story about how Elizabeth won. Elizabeth was so happy and surprised, she actually won for the first time ever and is now a superstar.



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