Filipina girl

Filipina girl – Billy Crawford

This song has been playing on my phone, in my car, and at home. For some reason I can’t get enough of it. Even my 6 year old son plays it on youtube and sings along to the song.

When this song starts playing in my house everyone starts singing. It must be our Filipino pride kicking in, but this song says it all. “There’s nothing in this world like a Filipina girl!” If your married to one or dating one you would understand, and “if you find one you better keep her!”

Filipina women are some of the hardest workers and still come home and take care of their families. They are devoted, smart, and very caring. They are raised to be that way. They know how to cook a good meal, they keep the house clean, they attend to their families needs daily, they are very independant, and are beautiful. You can go into a hospital and I guarantee, you will find filipina in there taking care of someone.

This years Miss Universe is ofcourse Miss Philippines. The most beautiful in the whole world and well deserved. They deserve the attention and respect for all they do. This song represents an homage to all of them in a beautiful way. It’s No 1 in my playlist.

I’m not saying other ethnic girls aren’t beautiful, because they are. I’m just expressing what the song is about. “There ain’t no other girl like a filipina girl, and if you find one you better keep her!” -Billy Crawford ( I do not own this song)

So to all the filipina girls out there keep doing what you do. Stay 100!

Love it

  • Representing Filipina girls
  • Great beat
  • Great lyrics
  • Great video
  • Start in english then ended in tagalog.

Hate it

  • They should have thrown in some of Miss Universe in it
  • This will probably be the only song for a long time that you’ll hear before they make another good song about Filipinos in a way this song represents.
  • Should of been a little bit longer.


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