Venting-Waking up for work.

Why is it hard to get up in the morning for work? Maybe you stayed up a little late, but what if you went to bed early?

Getting up when there is no work is not a problem, but getting up when there is work seems harder to do. Why is that? Is it because our mind knows we have to get up and get ready for the same old boring routine we have five days a week?

If we love work or work from home I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue, but if we have to get up go to a place where we dread and repeat the same old routine, deal with the same old problems, and hearing the same old complaints it makes it harder to get up in the morning.

Ive been getting up the same time for many years now and it seems to get harder and harder to get up and not feel tired or just don’t want to go.

My body and mind knows it’s time to get up but fights real hard to ignore it. Feels like it wants and is asking can we do something different today?

What do you tell yourself in the morning to motivate yourself to get up and feel good about getting ready for work? I can’t think of much other than I need the money.

I know most of us if not all tell ourselves that and thats why we get up every morning and go to work. If money wasn’t the biggest worry we had I think life and work would be more tolerable. It is just sad that money is one of our biggest issue.

Share with me what gets you up in the morning for work? Is it hard for you or you don’t mind it? Comment why you “love it” or why you “hate it”.


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