Single minded thinking

So on social media I see many people posting about how the normal flu and many other viruses killed more people than the pandemic we are facing now.

That’s single minded thinking. I look at it this way. Preventive measures. Preventing it before it reaches those numbers, and it becomes worse than those other viruses.

It’s like if the bank started taking little amounts of money from your bank account for no reason. Are you going to wait till they take more before preventing them?

If you don’t get the virus God bless you, but don’t help it spread to people who can get infected and die. Stay safe and remember defense is the best weapon we have against the virus. Don’t let it win.

That’s how I’m looking at this. Hopefully I and everyone else don’t even get close to contracting the virus. Still I am going to do everything to prevent it happening to anyone by not helping it spread and not just comparing it to the statistics of other viruses.


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