Hamilton Garces Holistic Healer.

A guy I met at Jiu Jitsu. An interesting man and one of the few, I had the chance to roll with in class. His Name is Hamilton Garces, a combat veteran and currently a Holistic Healer. He grew up in Northern Jersey and now resides in Maryland.

But don’t worry he’s coming back.

Fellow New Jersians, need deep relaxation and relief from your everyday life stress? He will be returning to New Jersey and will be offering a free community sound meditation class in North Haledon, New Jersey on Saturday, August 17th.

I too will be attending and it will be my first time to experience sound mediation. I look forward to this experience and I hopefully get the opportunity to roll with Hamilton once again.

Events info:

He will be hosting a Yoga CBD Nidra and Sound meditation class at DMO fitness in Little Falls, NJ on August 16, at 6:30 p.m. which has limited spots available, sign up to reserve a spot. He will also host a free community sound meditation class at KG Divine Spa, located in North Haledon, NJ August 17 at 12pm.

For more information click on the link below

August 16


August 17


For more on Hamilton Garces, you can watch him on Trainer Talks Podcast.


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