Entertaining a visitor

An old friend from Guam, who now lives in California visited us in New Jersey. We hung out, grabbed food, had a few drinks, laughed, and reminisced the days back home.

MidLand Brew House

We all meet up at around 7ish then headed down to the Brewery in Saddle Brook, N.J. called, MidLand Brew House (MBH). It was our first time at this Brewery and the ambiance was alright. People gathered around the bar and others at there tables.

We came as group of nine, so they seated us upstairs which was better for us. It was like we almost had the place to ourselves. Their were a few people there to, but knowhere close to what they had downstairs. We ordered drinks, some got local brewed IPA beer, some got mixed drinks, and I had a few Stella Artois’s ofcourse.

I ordered the Trio Dip, which was Guacamole, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, and Spinach Artichoke, it came with Blue Corn Tortilla, Pita & Focaccia Crisps. My wife and a few others ordered Short rib taco, others ordered burgers with fries, and a couple of people ordered pizza’s. Our table was pretty stacked.

It’s good meeting up with old friends

We drank, ate, laughed, and drank some more, while reminiscing about the old times, and by the end, I was feeling good, it looked like we all were. We were getting a little loud, but nothing out of hand. We all enjoyed the moment and each other’s company. Its always good meeting up with old friends.

We left the Brewery and headed back to my in-laws, where we gathered around outside since the weather was nice surprisingly, while the laughs continued. It has been a while since we all have gone out and had that much fun together, with an old friend from back home.

The Front Porch

Next day, we go to lunch at a Pub and restaurant called, The Front Porch in Hawthorne, N.J. It’s one of our favorite places to eat, because we personally know someone in that Pub. They’re food is rustic Asian-American. There the only place that has the best Ghalbi burger I have ever tried and is my favorite burger. Its a Ghalbi marinated burger, with fried egg, onions, mushrooms, and spicy mayo. Its so good, the egg yolk dripping down after every bite…Priceless!

A good burger with good beer (Stella), what else could you want in a good restaurant, but good company and authentic food. We had the place mostly to ourselves most of the time, we got to be loud, and enjoyed ourselves even more than we did the night before. Some hung out at the bar drinking, while others played darts, and the kids enjoyed their freedom since we got there early, and we were the only people there for a while.

We took pictures and videos while we waited for the food. We tried a couple of samples of different beers, It was another great time. Soon after the food came, and everybody sat, ate, and when we finished we went back to drinks and laughter.

Garlic And Buffalo wings

Ghalbi burger and fries
Stella & Angry Orchard
Back to our lives

We stayed a little bit longer, reminiscing more about back home, catching up on what’s going on with people we know, but our friend had to catch a flight back home, so our get together had to end. We took pictures, made plans to meet up again, then said our farewells and goodbyes.

It was good times with good people, and good laughs. Hope you all had fun this weekend as we did. Live, Love, Laugh!

Islanders for life.
See video below for our experiance at The Front Porch.
The front porch experience

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