Leander’s shots up-to-date.

Leander received his 3rd vaccination of DHPP 💉 today at Vetco. Glad I went to Vetco/Petco, it saved me money with their low cost vaccinations. Thanks to my wife for mentioning that Petco offers affordable vaccinations with no exam fees and no appointment needed. Our visit was quick and painless. If I went to a regular Vet, It would of cost me $70 just for an exam visit and $59 for the vaccination.

Leander enjoyed seeing other 🐶 at the store and playing with them while in line waiting for his turn to be seen. I was worried he might be scared or start trying to run away, but he was a good dog. Leander is next and the Vet gives him medicine and he finishes it with no fuss and takes his shot like a champ! The whole visit process took 15 minutes.

He is 1 month away from getting his rabies shot, which means I can take him to the park, walks around the block, jogs with the kids, and he can interact with other dogs and people. The kids have been asking to take him to the park, but without the rabies shot we couldn’t. It is something we all have been looking forward to, and I have been leash training him for it, but he isn’t to happy about it. He still fights the leash and at times doesn’t want to walk along besides me. Hopefully before his rabies shot, he would be used to it by then.

Leander also has the Kong chew toy for him to play with so I hope he uses it for when he is alone and bored. We still don’t know what kind of toys to get him, but he seems to like each toy we buy him. After playing with it, he then puts it by his bed and will not let anyone touch it or play with it again. If anyone has any suggestions on a good toy for a pup, please share in the comment section. Till next Leander update… Here is to future long walks and fun times at the parks, “❤ your Pets!”


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