Statue of Liberty (Guam)

Is there a Statue of Liberty on GUAM? Yes, there is! It stands in front of Paseo de Susana, at the entrance of Hagatna harbor, right where the boats enter. It’s a small replica of the Statue of Liberty. From flame to toes, it is no more than 5-6 ft. What’s the actual size? I tried finding out, but can’t find an answer.

What I found out, it was built in 1950 by the Boy scouts for there 40th year anniversary. Also, they’re about 10 replicas, including the one in Guam, of Miss Liberty.

Statue of liberty, Paseo park Hagatna, Guam

This Statue looks out to the incoming boats that dock in Hagatna Boat Basin. Also many surfer’s had passed by her before hitting the waves, because Boat Basin is also a popular surf spot on the Island as well and she stands at the entrance.Lots of tourist also take pictures with Miss Liberty for it’s the closet most will get to the original.

Early morning @ Boat Basin, (also a popular surf spot)

When I was little I used to stare at this and tried to imagine what it might have looked like seeing the one on Liberty Island just like many have coming in to America or standing in it looking out.

Behind me is the entrance to Hagatna, Boat Basin
@Boat Basin Hagatna,Guam

I’ve seen the Statue of Liberty many times for many years, I yet have to see the Original Statue of Liberty. It’s on my bucket list and will be checked off, when my family visits for vacation.

Personally, the statue on the Island represents Guam, as part of America. The people of Guam take great pride being American citizens, it’s one way the Island show’s it. The sun hits Miss Liberty on Guam14 hours earlier than it hits The one in New York and that’s why Guam is…

“Where America’s Day Begins!”

Guam, USA

(All pictures taken by me)


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