The pressure.

Last Thursday, during drills our BJJ Instructor was doing an assessment on people’s belts. He’s checking, who’s due for an advancement.

Being told to test for third stripe.

While the class drilled, the instructor walked around and watched everyone’s performance, deciding if they should earn a stripe. Blue belts and above, no test. The white belts, definitely are tested. In order to earn a stripe, you need to show or prove you deserve it.

After he walked through the class, he sat by the white belts and watched. He observed  each white belts performance for a while and it was nerve-racking. You don’t want to mess up nor try the wrong move in front of him, ofcourse. I’m a few drill attempts in and he says to me, “go for your 3rd stripe!” I gave him the thumbs up, but honestly…I don’t think I’m ready for the test!

Level Advancement

White belts have to do the tests. I wish we didn’t need to, but it’s a way for the instructor to see if you’re familiar with what the basics are and to stay competitive when advancing to a higher belt.

In my opinion and my opinion only…I think, I’m a pretty good white belt or at least I try to be one of the good white belts in class. I have a little more experience than what my white belt shows. I fight to survive in every roll, which I take pride in.

I win a few and lose a few, especially against the more experienced belts. I strife to do all I can to win, to survive the match while trying to give the opponent a hard time, and “Never give up!” That’s the mission of a white belt.

Learning the requirements for third stripe test.

A few months ago, before I took a little break from Jiu Jitsu, I was told to test for my third stripe, but I wasn’t able to. I didn’t know all the moves for the test and I still don’t. The list has a few moves, I’ve never heard of. I only go to class twice a week, so I miss alot.

I go to the “beginners” class, then the next day, “advanced” brutal class. It’s always hard work on the second day, especially after feeling the burn from the day before.

I used a few moves that’s on the test in class, but only because it was used on me and I adapted them into my moves. I know most moves, but a few I’m not so sure about.

I need to ask how to do a few of them so I can practice it and use it in a match at some point, before the test. I’m hoping I get it down quick.

Doing the test drives up my anxiety and the pressure it puts on me is insane…lol! Not fun.

– HATReD 671
“Never Give Up!”

“There is no losing in jiu jitsu. You either win or you learn.”

– Carlos Gracie, Sr.


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