Working the Kimura

Kimura is a move named after Masahiko Kimura, a Judoka and professional Wrestler who defeated Helio Gracie, with this lock back in 1951.

It’s a move that isolates the shoulder and elbow while using double wrist lock, it allows you to apply force on both joints. A move I get nervous to attempt.

Getting a better understanding

Not because, I don’t know how to do the move, but more of not knowing the steps to setup the move. After Thursday’s class, I got a better understanding of how to setup the move.

The drill started from side mount, then transitioning to north south position, then double wrist setup, then trapping the front of the opponents head with your leg or knee, then posturing up, and twisting the arm to finish the Kimura from the north south.

With this knowledge

A move I will be looking for and try to attempt more during my future rolls in class. I hope it won’t take long for me to adapt into using the move.

Going north south for me was just a way to catch a breath and try not to loose top position, with this knowledge I can also use it for the kimura submission. I also learned how to avoid the Kimura, when the opponent tries to use the move on me.

Make no mistake, you earn a white belt. The belt is a physical representation of a commitment to the beginner’s mind. It is a vulnerability and a willingness to learn that shines through.

-Chris Matakas


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