Lessons to be learned

Thursdays, kids BJJ class was a little bit back to the basics. The usual warm-ups, they started with runs, rollouts, double legs, and shrimps.

They continued the warm-ups, with triangles and upa’s back up to sitting on knees. My son is getting more better at them, he used to be lazy doing them since we got back from vacation, but now he does it with better execution and speed.

Next, they did drills. The drill was Upa, but with a twist. So usually the person on top would be attempting a collar choke from mount, but this time the person on mount doesn’t go for the choke, but holds the back of the head, lays on top to put weight and holds you down, then the person on the bottom must go for the Upa.

A basic drill, but one opportunity that should never be missed. It’s the best way to escape from the bottom when given the chance. A lesson to be learned.


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