Want some Lemonade?

By Lirrisa C.

Artwork by Lirissa C.

One hot summer morning, Crystal walks into the kitchen and see’s her mom, taking groceries out of the bag. One of the things she takes out is lemons.

Crystal asked, “what are the lemons for?” Mom replies, “for some lemonade.” “If your going to make some can I help,” cyrstal said? Her mom says, “sure you can help, after you help me put away the groceries!”

So crystal helps her mom put away the groceries.

While putting away the groceries, she noticed it was quite in the house and crystal was wondering, where her brother, grandmother, and dad were?
She pauses for a moment and listens. She hears a ball bouncing and says, “that’s my brother outside playing basketball!” Then she hears, the lawnmower running, she says, “that’s my dad!” She then hears, a broom sweeping across the front porch, “that must be my grandma,” she says!
It was hot and sunny outside and she taught to herself, it is a good day to make some refreshing lemonade.

Her mom gets the ingredients ready, for Crystal to start squezzing lemons into a pitcher. Her mom says, “ok! Lets begin!”

As Crystal starts squeezing the lemons, her mom added water and some sugar into the mix. Crystal was surprised it only took a few ingredients to make lemonade. “This is easy,” she says!
After making the lemonade, she pours some into a cup and tries it. “yummy!” Mom this is so refreshing, “can I make a cup for everyone?” Mom replies, “sure you can!”

Crystal makes a cup, walks out to the porch, and asked her grandma, “would you like some lemonade?” Grandma replies, “sure, I’ll have a cup of lemonade!”
After, she makes another cup and walks out to the driveway, where her brother is playing basketball. “Brother, you look like you can use a drink, do you want some lemonade?” Her brother replies, “sure, I would love some lemonade!”
She walks back into the kitchen and pours lemonade into a big cup and walks out to the backyard and says, “dad you look like you can use a refreshing drink, do you want some lemonade?” Dad replies, “I would love a cup of lemonade!”

She walks back into the house, heads to the tv room and has a seat. She says to herself, “that was hard work!” Her mom walks in and says, “thank you for helping everyone out!” Crystal says, “You’re welcome!” She then asked her mom, “do you want some lemonade?” Mom replies, “sure, I would love some lemonade!”

Everyone loved and enjoyed the lemonade!

The End!


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