Starting off in last place.

It was a nice, sunny Wednesday, my daughter had another track meet, you should of seen her preformance!

First off, it was beautiful outside, we hit the 70 degree mark, sunny, with a cool breeze. It was a perfect day to run!

When we arrived at the track meet, they had just finished the 100 meter races and started the 1600 meter race. We stood by the tracks, searching for my daughter and watched the two schools they’re competing against.

After, we head to the bleachers and started cheering the team on. Not just our team, every team! It’s great how these kids, are doing something other than playing video games, or getting into trouble, by being active in school.

A few moments later, they call the 800 meter runners, boys and girls. I guess time was running short and the buses had to leave, so both ran together to save time.

It was eight girls for the 800 meter race, and a ton of boys. The track was full, the girls we’re behind the boys, you couldn’t count the amount of racers, they didn’t even start in the same line.

As they are getting in position, the gun goes off and I dont think my daughter was ready and/or didn’t know the race had started. When she figures it out she’s in last place, but quickly catches up and passes two runners by the 100 meter mark, then paces herself behind two other girls.

After the first lap, she quickly catches up with the girl in front of her and passes her. She then is behind the next girl, waiting for the moment to pass her, once they hit the corner for the last 100 meters, she speeds up and passes the next girl in front of her. Once she passed her, her adrenaline kicked in and she sprinted her way to the finish line, coming in at 4th place!

Not bad for a sixth grader, who just started running. She came up behind the 8th graders, who finished 1st – 3rd place. It was better than we expected, especially knowing she had never done track before and being her first time. If she continues to build more stamina and endurance, I believe she can reach up to first place next year, if she decides to continue track.

To watch her performance at the track meet, click on video below!

Love – Hate experience vlog.

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