Famous people from Filipino descendants.

A few days ago, I searched up famous American Filipino actors/actresses and I was surprised to see how many they were and who they are. I knew a few, but the others I did not.

Being Filipino you don’t hear too much about being Filipino in America. Not till Manny Pacquiao, won his first Championship match. People didn’t recognize the Filipino people, as much as they currently do now.

For example: I would say, “I’m Filipino” to a person and their response will be, “Manny Pacquiao!”

I would laugh because most people don’t know of another famous Filipino person, other than “Manny Pacquiao” but there are so many. Below is a list of some famous people with Filipino descent.

Lou Diamond Phillips (Actor/Director)- La Bamba, Young guns 1&2.

Mark Dacascos (Actor/Martial Artist) – John Wick chapter 3, Food Network’s Iron chef, and Karate and Kung Fu champion.

Tia Carrere (Actress/Singer) – General Hospital, Wayne’s World

Rob Schnieder (Comedian/Actor/Director/Screen writer) – Duece Bigalow, Adam Sandler Movies

David Bautista (Actor/ Martial Artist/Professional Wrestler/Body builder) -Guardians of the Galaxy, Riddick, WWE’s longest Champion.

Pheobe Cates (Former Actress/Model/Singer) – Drop Dead Fred, Gremlins 1&2,

Enrique Iglesias (Singer/Song writer/Actor) – Hero(Song), Bilando(Song), El prededor(Song)

Bruno Mars (Singer) – Just the way you are(Song), 24K Magic(Song), Grenade(Song)

Joseph Glen Herbert aka Jo Koy(Stand-up comic) – Netflix specials “Coming in hot” & live from Seattle

Manny (Pacman) Pacquiao(Boxer/Singer/Senator) – the only 8 Division Boxing Champion in the world ever.(Even not being an American citizen he made the list because he’s more famous in America than the whole list Above).

Steven R. McQueen(Actor/Model) – The Vampire Diaries.

Hailee Stienfield(Actor/Singer) – True Grit, Pitch Perfect series, and Enders Game.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens(Actress/Singer) – High School Musical series.

Catriona Grey(Model/Singer/Beauty pageant Title holder) – Miss Universe 2018

The list keeps going and it is growing. I take pride in being an American- Filipino, and this list shows how skilled Filipinos are. It’s time Filipino get recognition in America and around the World.



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