Filipino’s sweet chocolate rice porridge

When I wake up in the morning to rain, snow, or freezing cold weather, and I hear my wife making something in the kitchen, I already know it’s Champorado.

I personally don’t eat this dish. It’s a type of love/hate dish. Either you love it or you hate it! Some people really love it like my wife, and some people really hate it like me, but either way it is a popular Filipino breakfast and afternoon snack dish that’s often eaten during lazy weather days.

Champorado was introduced to the Philippines, by the Mexican’s dated back since the Galleon trade. Through the years the Filipinos made it there own by removing the Masa and cooking it with Glutinous rice.

Photo by Debbie Garcia Barlongo

This is made by boiling Glutinous rice until cooked, then adding cocoa powder or chocolate, and sugar. We use Hersey’s cocoa powder which doesn’t give it a milky chocolate flavor, but gives it a dark chocolate flavor. It is then eaten with a drizzle of carnation milk to balance out the chocolate flavor.

This dish is eaten hot or cold. As for my wife, she enjoys it during rainy or cold mornings, and prefers it hot off the pot. It’s sort of like having hot chocolate in the morning.

It’s not a complicated dish to make and only uses few ingredients. Glutinous rice, cocoa powder/chocolate, sugar, and carnation milk. Total time to make this dish is about 40 minutes to cook.

When the weather makes you lazy, sit back, relax, and try this sweet chocolatey, rich breakfast or afternoon delight.


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