Filipino style spaghetti

It’s the traditional spaghetti, but with a little twist. Find out what the additional ingredient is, that makes a traditional spaghetti into a Filipino style spaghetti.

On this dish I’m going to skip the cooking of the noodles since we all know how to boil them, and I’m going straight to the making of the sauce. First, we minced garlic, diced onions, and saute in the pot.

Once the onions and garlic is cooked we throw in grounded beef and let that fry for a few minutes. Once the ground beef is cooked, we add tomato sauce, some sugar, and the secret ingredient.

Now this ingredient is going to sound a little peculiar, but it gives the spaghetti a sweet and savory flavor. It makes this style of spaghetti, our favorite. Are you ready?

It is made by Jufran, and it is called Banana sauce.

Jufran Banana sauce

What is Banana sauce? The name says it all. It’s also known as filipino ketchup made with bananas instead of tomatoes. It comes in regular and hot.

You can use either one or both in the spaghetti sauce, but I suggest not putting to much of the hot one, and mix half and half with the regular banana ketchup sauce to keep the sweet and savory taste with a little spicy kick.

The ketchup has a unique sweet taste to it that mixes so well with the traditional spaghetti sauce. It seems to make the sauce a little thicker and coats every noodle, so when you slurp up the noodles you taste the sauce with every slurp.

Spaghetti with banana ketchup (sweet spaghetti)

The sauce also sticks to the ground beef, so your almost always guranteed to have a mouthful of good, sweet, and beefy noodle of flavor.

The amount used is about half a bottle or the whole banana sauce, depending on the bottle size you buy. It is one pound of ground beef, 16 oz. spaghetti, mixed with 24 oz. traditional spaghetti sauce.

If you’re tired of the traditional spaghetti, twist it up with this additional ingredient, and treat your taste buds to a new flavor you might enjoy.


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