Another video

My daughter started her YouTube channel, now I’m responsible for editing them. The first two videos were about an hour long, so I had to separate them into two segments.

She wants to do another video, but I’m not going to sit for an hour to hear her talk to herself…lmao!

She asked me to help her this time, so I did. I actually enjoyed sitting there and watching her do her videos. She is too funny! It’s all just for fun, but she gets serious about doing it right.

At the same time, my son also asked to make his own channel, so I helped him as well. I enjoy doing things with my kids and most definitely will do it again.

Here are the videos I Directed and edited…Lmao!đŸ˜‚

Aden’s Playtime
Tinny Tukkins unboxing with Lirissa Allie

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