Street Fair

Sunday, Spetember 15, was the Van Houten Avenue Street Fair. From 11 – 5 the street was closed and covered with vendors, food trucks, rides, a car show, and entertainment.

It’s always a fun time with family and friends. My kids wanted to walk around and meet up with friends, classmates, and teachers from their school.

They had clowns, sword fighters, bands, people dancing, eating, and enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors. It’s always a fun time for all ages.

We always grab some Filipino BBQ sticks, it’s also one of the main reasons we go. I also, got melon drink with melon strings.

They had zip lines, bounce houses, trampolines…etc. Kids filled the park and rides while parents watched. Most of the restaurants on this street had a booth filled with food.

This year my son tried the Rock climbing. He really enjoyed it. We watched a marching band as they marched through the street. There was so much going on.

They sold electronics, toys, insurance, food, clothes, paintings, photos, jewelry, and so much more. It was packed for about a quarter mile stretch. We enjoy this event every year, it gets us out of the house and meet up with people around town.


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