From sad to glad.

We took our son shopping for shoes and to get a haircut for his first day of school. He got upset when we wouldn’t buy him a toy.

After we left the store, he sat on the bench  mad, so I took a picture and posted it on my story in, FB. Look at the caption and song title.

Lmao @ this kid

We bought his shoes, he picked out more than one pair, he picked three pairs. He picked New Balance, Adidas, and Jordans. We had no say in the shoes he picked, these are what he wanted. He is worse than my girls.

After, we went to get his haircut and him being mad, became glad…Lol! He is such a spoiled brat, being the only boy in the house, and spoiled by his mom. He kept starring at himself while he was getting his haircut making funny faces. We couldn’t stop laughing.

He really likes his hair cut, looking all fresh and clean. He is such a pretty boy. He really loves looking good. Love this kid!

From sad to glad my Little 🔥

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